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What you think of your photos truly matters  to me... 



I have had the pleasure of having two photo sessions done with Jody. She has such a relaxed and easy going demeanour which makes it easy to loosen up in a situation that is slightly awkward. I can tell that she absolutely loves what she does. She goes above and beyond and really takes pride in her work, making sure everything is to your liking. She isn’t pushy and or stuck to any certain routine which allows for flexibility in the session.


I was beyond amazed each time, with all of my photos (and other photos I have seen) She has this way of connecting with your soul and capturing the beauty and essence of the people she photographs - with that radiating through the photos, it’s nothing but stunning. I would recommend Jody again and again. Her passion of photography shines through in her sessions and the photos she takes.

~Nicole C. 


From the moment I set my eyes on Jody’s wildlife photography, I knew we had to have it in our home.

From the vibrant colours, the moments captured and the element these beauties were captured in, they needed to be displayed for everyone to see.

We couldn’t be happier with these stunning foxes. And we can’t wait to add more photos to our home.

Thank you Jody for your talent and creating pieces that will suit anyone’s home.. or wherever you choose to have them live!



I'd not had photos done in many years so I was pretty excited to have Jody come out to our place and do a photo shoot. Jody with her big smile and positive vibes made the afternoon so much fun, lots of laughs, and great shots. She just brings out the best, she managed to get photos that show exactly who we are. If you are looking for a photographer that will give suggestions, take suggestions, and spend time with you and your family to get some pretty fantastic shots then I highly recommend Jody.



Jody is one of the most down to earth amazing ladies I know! Let alone also a fantastic photographer!!! I got pictures done with Jody for my kitten yoga class in a studio and I have to say the pictures are beyond perfect! She wasn’t just able to capture an image she was able to capture the story... the emotion! I highly highly recommend Jody and I can not wait to get family pictures done this year!! Thank you for being fabulous Jody!




Jody's work is amazing and absolutely loved how open minded Jody was with so many great ideas on how to get the best photos.

The quality of the photos was breathtaking and how she's able to capture such beautiful moments in time is unbelievable.

Amazing talent, amazing photos. Thank you Jody!

~Nicole L. 


Jody did pictures of my son and I last fall. She had great ideas and was fun to work with. The pictures were fantastic!



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